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Thirty-Five or something

Tomorrow is my birthday, my 35th birthday. This year unlike previous years I am not as melancholic about it. I joked with my girlfriends after my 25th birthday that I would not be having any more birthdays but instead anniversaries.  Each year after my 25th birthday I started getting very anxious as the winter of my next birthday approached. I would literally make myself sick thinking about how the seasons were so much like life and that each year my springs and summers were getting shorter and shorter making my fall and winter longer. I would lay awake at night wondering when my time would come, when I would just not wake up. Yes! all this after turning 25 so to my surprise as I turn 35 quite the opposite is becoming true for me.

I have not moved away from the analogous way in which I compare life to seasons; however, I have began to view the seasons as metaphoric for where I am in life. Currently I am living in spring. Spring is a time of newness, washing away of the old and preparing for whats coming. And while I don’t profess to have this aging thing figured out I know what it’s not about!

Happy birthday to me!

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