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No Pity Parties!

I woke up this morning feeling amazingly aware of all that was imperfect in my life. Everything just seemed to crash which is strange because I don’t recall feeling the weight of anything.

I have been so busy trying to make everything work that I haven’t had an opportunity to appreciate all that I am trying to make work; Somehow acknowledging my feelings seems pitiful. How dare I complain about what life is offering me. I am not so many negatives things nor am I in any negative place yet I am overwhelmed.

And just as I was about to lose my physical composure in the office ladies room I realized the back of my skirt was tucked in my belt. My behind had been half exposed since I left home this morning. No time for crying this is too funny to be sad so I laugh at myself. God makes sure there is never time for pity parties in my life.

But I still wonder if I should have cried.

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